Tuesday, January 11, 2011

San Francisco, Open Your Golden Gate...

It seems fitting that our last gig was just a short distance from the studio we'll be using to record our next album. San Francisco's Recess Urban Recreation was the setting for a very fun show with some very active preschoolers & toddlers. I'm not sure if these kids have previously been exposed to the power of live rock 'n' roll but they sure seem possessed by it now:

The show was put together and promoted by the biggest Bay Area cheerleader of kids & family music, Deb Evans-Braun (who also recorded the above video). Hopefully, Recess Urban Recreation will continue to bring live music as part of their program for young children. The Bay Area certainly has large pool of talented musicians who bring their different styles of music to the youngest of audiences. A new meeting group is being organized to work together to improve the local family music scene under the name, Let's Play! Bay Area Music Collective. It's an exciting time to be part of the scene and we hope to do what we can to let families know that there's a lot of great live music out there that is best shared with their children.
 In less than a couple of weeks we'll begin recording our 5th official album.  Personally, I'm excited to be recording in San Francisco as it's where I first began performing live - Mabuhay Gardens (aka The Fab Mab) and Sound of Music, anyone?  The energy of the city has always thrilled me.  I hope to document the progress of the album on this blog along with any observations I may have about the Bay Area family music scene.  Let's see what happens!

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