Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stream "The Golden State" in Honor (cough, cough) of the Grammys.

Sure, you could win a Grammy...if you've recorded with a well-known producer in a well-known "music town" or had a number one song or album.  Or, are the handful of famous names in your niche genre that the regular Grammy voter may recognize.  Otherwise, you are us.
    Why did we join the RIAA when I've disliked the Grammy's since 1978 when  Elvis Costello lost out to Hot Chocolate as Best New Artist?  Even though I've always paraphrased Grouch Marx by stating I'd never join a club that would have someone like me as a member?  Publicity.  Every little bit helps.  My big gripe is the RIAA ties your hands right off the bat by limiting your ability to publicize by stating, "While for your consideration"-type advertisements and communiqués are not prohibited, the specific category, field and balloting numbers are proprietary information belonging to The Recording Academy; such information may not be used, disclosed, published or otherwise distributed in connection with any advertisements, communiqués or for any other purpose."
   What the hell?  So I can't even say our album is in the "Children's" category.  There's a 122 entries in that category.  Are we to expect voters to scroll through every category to find our album? 
    However, I did receive a "for your consideration"-type email from a big (biggest?) name in the "Children's" category that had no problem with violating the above prohibition by listing their category, field and balloting numbers.
   So, what's a band like The Hipwaders to do?  We've been accused of being "closet punks" by some promoters and we've always had the view that kids are punks - in a good way.  They question authority, test limits and are frequently contrarian.  However, by violating the RIAA guidelines we could get kicked off the ballot and out of the Grammys. Hmm...oh what to do?

The Golden State - The Hipwaders  (Field 16 - Children's - Category 50 - Best Children's Album - #043)

“Where are the albums for kids too old for Laurie Berkner but not ready for Lady Gaga? This year's best album for that age group is the latest record from the Bay Area band The Hipwaders…Golden State isn't just a great album for the tweens in your life, it's album, period.”-
“These guys have a super hip retro surf sound that is instantly infectious and just plain fun.”{KID} Independent

“I've stated before that kids have pretty good BS barometers. The Hipwaders project a happy, healthy, unforced, kid-friendly attitude. You can enjoy the lyrics and melodies and trust that they came from - and succeed with - the best of intentions…The Hipwaders celebrate the shared community that music creates, whether it's schoolmates or neighbors, but mainly with family.”  - Mr Jeff 2000

 “Be on the lookout for this newest CD from "The Hipwaders" and be warned...once this CD enters your CD're going to be hooked!” One Bored Mommy

"In The Hipwaders’ new CD The Golden State, the trio reimagines some best-loved tunes from their live shows for a home audience. The result is among my favorite CDs of the year. This album for the whole family even includes “My Dog Steve,” whose shoutout in rhythmic patter sounds intimate and universal at the same time." - Kathy O'Connell, MetroKids

 "This is one collection that will speak to your preschoolers and grade schoolers with smart lyrics that don't baby-talk down to favorite song ('Hey, Josie!')  pairs the sweetest lyrics with a chorus that makes me want to grab the nearest sticky hands and jump around the room for a few minutes." - Christina, Cool Mom Tech/Cool Mom Picks 

“The tunes are catchy, daring in their use of unusual harmonies and vocal lines, and altogether enjoyable to kids and parents alike…Every song nails the perfect tone in its writing, speaking to kids the way they want to be spoken to: as an audience worthy of respect and direct discourse.” Myles McDonnell, You Know, For Kids